We’ve had a great couple of weeks, refining the script, playing with other ways to express our story through Steve directing , projection with Eva Auster and music with Dan Glover, and now have a shape to the show.  The verbatim stuff is much harder than I thought and takes more than just mimicry, you’re literally breathing in the same way as someone else does and it feels so alien, but I’m glad we’re including it as the specialist and science part of the show that I think or hope will fascinating. I’m hoping it will make our audience think differently about how they use their voices and it will be great to get the responses at the end.

There’s been a fair bit of running on the spot, and then sometimes not depending on what sort of ‘run’ it is in the story and we still don’t know whether it’s best to be still or not. I guess that’s what the experimenting is for. But weirdly, I was aching far more from pretend running than when I actually run, and  ironically pulled a muscle in my ankle on the first day. I don’t think we did a term on ‘running in Theatre’ at drama college.


Its been a while since I’ve done theatre and I have to say I’m loving being back in the rehearsal room. To get up in the morning and go to work doing something I love feels like a luxury. I’ve been fortunate over the years to keep working but sadly not theatre for quite some time, and I’d missed it so much. It’s what I left my home in Wales for and what I always wanted to do. We all have to do other jobs in our life to keep the wolf from the door…I’ve had loads…( we won’t mention the watch repair job that went on too long)  but I’m just cherishing this time as it means so much, especially as I doubted if I would carry on being an actress a few years ago.

There’s bags of fear about doing a one woman show…especially when it’s about your own vulnerabilities  but I’m enjoying it and finding the fun. And so at the end of next week, we will have shared our progress over two dates and I’m looking forward to hearing what people think. feedback will be so important before we move on to the next stage. Oh and if you want to see a live stream on Monday 21st  here’s the link. Pretty easy to sign up and its free :

The first showing of this work will be live streamed on Monday 21st September at 20.00 on:http://livestream.com/accounts/15070567/events/4331711/player?width=560&height=315&autoPlay=true&mute=false


Loo Breckon – Richards