As part of our production we still need to raise a small amount to secure a designer and so have set up our crowdfunding page! This also gives a brief glimpse of how far the show has already come.

Massive thanks already to those who have donated ! You’re all amazing ! Who knew that it was such a patch work to pull all the elements together for one little story.

Kay Ridding
 Aidan Doyle
 Ian and Ceri Lush
 Alexi Charalambous
 Rachael Claye
 Caroline Baker - Duly
 Pandora Colin
 Michael Ussher
 Barbara Heap
 Jeremy Spriggs
 Anne Doherty
 Marco Morbidelli
Zoe Thomas
Rachel Spence
Taya Elzayadi
Viv Edwards
Paula Godfrey
Lisa Fernand
Dani Illing
Rebecca Greenwood
Charlotte Simpson
Dom And Jess Green
Jemma Kennedy
Sean Mcenaney
Ellika McAuley
Mike Rogers
Janine Scoggins
Caroline Loncq
Heather Daniels
Kate and Andy Hall
Victoria Entwistle
Abigail Poulard
Clive Daniels
Will Travis
Liz Avital
Rachel Ewing
Jennifer Morris
Peter Callow
Eleri Griffiths
Susan Tye
Val Breckon
Emma and Neil Swift











We are truly grateful !