So we were over the moon to be  notified that we are to be awarded further Arts council England funding for our Theatre piece Can you hear me running?! We were genuinely shocked, as know how competitive it is these days to receive  money towards Theatre. As I read the notification online that we had been successful, I was on the bus, alone, and I admit, a little tear fell, for many reasons. The main reason was that we had come this far and it would have seemed a shame not to reach the finishing line by taking it into full production. Jo and myself had nursed the project for two years and then Steve, Eva and Dan enriched it with other elements, and it seemed that without realizing it, this idea that I’d hatched in the brilliant writer Jemma Kennedy’s class was inevitably growing.   I couldn’t get hold of Jo or Steve to tell them…not even my mum, so I just turned to the only other person on the W3 travelling over Alexandra Palace and smiled inanely. ‘Do you know what this means?’ I felt like saying. ‘Can you see that I lost something and may get it back?’. The rumble of the bus made me lose eye contact with her and I looked out the window to see the magnificent view of Ally Pally, always there, now such an ingrained view in my life through my running habit. Ironically, I was on my way to pick up my running number for the annual Crouch End 10k and thought about how running has informed so many aspects of my life now. It’s crept in, made a bed  for itself and, most surprisingly even got me (Well I hope) back on stage. Who knew? Well there’s no going back now as I find myself hurtling ( I never do things by halves) back into being a fully fledged stage actress again which is a totally different discipline from the TV, film  and commercial work I’ve been doing these last 7 or so years. I’ve a feeling it will be the best diet I’ve ever been on.

So we are already full steam ahead. Wow, I have so much respect for people who run Theatres, companies or like us are mounting a relatively simple, small production. The planning involved is far more than I though and Jo, myself and Steve have had to wear producer’s hats as well as being actor, writer, director.  There’s the copy, image, future marketing to think of, making sure all the creatives are on board, the crowd funding we needed to do to match our other funding,the list goes on, but soon there will be a time when we can all just do the jobs we want to do.  It’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to sharing the dates, times and venue very soon, when the tickets go on sale. So thank you Arts Council England. We’re in strange times given the precarious last couple of weeks and it’s just heartening to know we will still be able to create our piece later in the year. Watch this space. More details soon.

This story has a run in it!!

Oh and btw….brilliant to see such great support for Tonic Theatre’s celebration night. Showing women brilliantly visible in our profession.